Friday, March 31, 2006

Knowledge Workers

Knowledge workers will be companies' most valuable source of competitive advantage in 2020, whether in outward-facing functions such as sales or inward-facing ones such as knowledge management. According to respondents to a major new survey on the company of the future, the value of price competitiveness to customers is expected to decline relative to other factors, such as personalisation of products and quality of customer service.

Relationships the key to corporate success in 2020, says major new report

UK - Work Smarter

Just as Britain led the way with industrialisation in the 19th century, we are looking to lead the world in changing the work culture in the 21st. Organisations and employees across the UK are being invited to take part in Work Wise Week (3 - 9 May 2006) and help create a 'smarter' working Britain.

Work Wise Week: 'Stagger 9 to 5 for staggering benefits'

Thursday, March 30, 2006

UK - Office Hygiene

British workers are literally making themselves ill, thanks to filthy desks and equipment. Employers throughout the UK are counting the cost of sick days, with two thirds of workers taking time off for bad colds in the last month - colds that are spread by office equipment.

A survey by computer cleaning specialists Durable researched the cleanliness of office desks nationwide. The findings revealed that the UK's levels of hygiene at work are so poor, bacteria and germs are being generated and spread 24 hours a day, contributing to a GBP11.75bn cost of sickies in the UK every year.

Dirty Work Habits Are Making UK Workforce Ill

Reluctant Knowledge Sharers

When it comes to job knowledge, usually few know more about it than the person performing the assignment.

Why Workers Are Reluctant to Share Their Knowledge

Upgrading Your Education - Lifelong Learning

Corporate upsizing, downsizing, rightsizing - today's professionals cannot afford to be complacent. In the past, students received a degree and moved on to the professional community; education ceased with the diploma. Today, many adults view education as a lifelong proposition, either as a diversion from the business world or a necessary part of it.

Upgrading Your Education - Lifelong Learning

UK - Construction Industry Stress

A majority of UK construction professionals surveyed by the Chartered Institute of Building felt that the construction industry today is more stressful than it was five years ago.

Stress Builds across UK Construction

UK - e-Learning Survey

Learning Light, a non-profit organisation that helps to build relationships between learning technology researchers, suppliers, buyers and learners, has embarked on a major research programme to map trends in coporate e-learning. The research will concentrate on developments in the UK but will also look at e-learning across Continental Europe.

Learning Light researches e-learning

USA - Hospital Shift Staffing

San Diego-based BidShift, has implemented its online staffing effectiveness system at The University Hospital in Cincinnati, Ohio, to provide an automated approach for filling open shifts. University is the second Health Alliance of Greater Cincinnati hospital to implement the technology, which provides visibility into open shifts throughout the hospital to help ensure the staffing coverage needed to facilitate and enhance continuity of care to patients.

BidShift Launches Staffing Effectiveness System at The University Hospital in Cincinnati

USA - Women Directors

At the Current Growth Rate, Parity between Women and Men on Corporate Boards Might Not Be Achieved for 70 Years!

2005 Catalyst Census of Women Board Directors of the Fortune 500 Shows 10-Year Trend of Slow Progress and Persistent Challenges

USA - Dell Supports Diversity

Dell CEO Kevin Rollins, joining other chief executives and thought leaders discuss the business imperative of diversity, said a diverse workforce can enable competitive advantages.

Dell CEO Kevin Rollins Cites Workforce Diversity as Key to Gaining Competitive Advantages in Business

Wednesday, March 29, 2006

UAE - Migrant Workers Abuse

The government of the United Arab Emirates should take immediate steps to end the abusive labor practices that have helped spark recent unrest by migrant workers in Dubai, Human Rights Watch said today.

United Arab Emirates: Abuse of migrant workers

Europeans Move For Love Not Work

Following a partner, being with family and having a better quality of life are the main factors that motivate Europeans to move to another country, new research shows. Of the 2% of European citizens who live in a country other than their own, only a quarter move because of employment.

Europeans move for love and a better quality of life

Outsourcing Growth Prediction

FAO Research, Inc., the only research firm focused exclusively on the Finance & Accounting Outsourcing (FAO) market, has announced that its latest research showing a 40 percent, one-year increase in FAO contract signings in 2005, with the lion's share of business won by Accenture and Capgemini. Further, the firm predicts that by the end 2006, there will be an additional 60 percent growth in the number of FAO contracts closed than in 2005.

Leading Research Firm Predicts 60% Growth in Finance & Accounting Outsourcing in 2006

UK - People 'Blind Spot'

One in three employees feels they are not the most important asset to their organisation despite constant reminders from their management, according to recent research.

Companies still suffering from people 'blind spot'

Canada (Alberta) - 'Third Way' Health Care

The so-called Third Way in health care may be Premier Klein's "hobby horse" - but Health Minister Iris Evans shouldn't feel obliged to hop on board, says AFL president Gil McGowan.

In his presentation to the health care hearings being conducted by Evans, McGowan warned that the Third Way could end up costing Alberta businesses a bundle.

Proposed "Third Way" in health care could cost Alberta businesses a bundle, says AFL

Canada - WSIB and Construction

The Canadian Federation of Independent Business (CFIB) has registered its strong opposition to today's announcement from Labour Minister Steve Peters that he intends to proceed with consultations on extending Mandatory WSIB coverage to owner/operators of construction firms, resurrecting an idea shelved with good reason by former Labour Minister Chris Bentley.

CFIB: WSIB Mandatory coverage "an attack on small construction firms"

UK - Annoyance at Work

In an age of open plan offices, big work teams and high pressure environments, working closely and intensely with people inevitably puts even the strongest relationships under strain. In fact, in a survey conducted by Monster, Brits cited their own colleagues as the main cause of annoyance at work.

Brits Blame Each Other For Causing Nightmare At Work

Tuesday, March 28, 2006

Canada - Aircrew Selection

The Canadian Forces are the first in the world to develop and implement new automated aircrew anthropometric selection procedures and standards based on specific operational requirements.

New High Tech CF Aircrew Selection

New Zealand - Unhappy Workers

Almost missed this survey released on March 16:

Over half of New Zealand workers are unhappy in their jobs

Canada (Ontario) - Immigrant Opportunities

Ontario needs the skills of newcomers and the Ontario government is committed to breaking down barriers to get them into the workforce faster, Ontario Citizenship and Immigration Minister Mike Colle told a national think tank today.

McGuinty government expanding newcomer opportunities

Immigrant in Canada has posted a comment on this article, including:

"Come to Canada, we need you, we have over one million jobs that need to be filled, apply now, we will fast track your application. BTW did we mention according to this or that survey, Canada is the Numero Uno place to live on planet earth"

What nobody would tell you is.. Yes there is a labour shortage, but we are not quite ready to give every Fu, Bu, Chu (Tom Dick and Harry) the job

Click on the comment link below to read more

UK - Measuring Recruitment Performance

Unlike practically every other business discipline, recruitment seems to have escaped stringent performance measurement, despite its potentially huge impact on corporate success.

UK Companies Take Recruitment Measurement Too Lightly

USA/UK - Talent Management

HRsmart, a Dallas-based leading provider of talent management software solutions, selects REAL People Group to launch its technology in the United Kingdom.

HRsmart Partners with REAL People Group, Launches Solutions in UK

USA - Organizational Culture

Companies who out-perform the norm in their category have specific cultural differences from their underperforming peers, according to Coogan & Partners' 2005 Senior Marketing Landscape Survey.

Organizational Culture has Positive Impact on Company Performance: Coogan & Partners

Monday, March 27, 2006

UK - Internet Misuse

Some 90% of all companies said protecting their reputation was one of the most important drivers for information security. Some 88% of business Internet connections are now broadband, increasing the risk of damage to reputation through staff misuse of web or email. In recognition of this, one and a half times as many companies have an acceptable policy for Internet usage as two years ago: 63% of all companies and 89% of large ones have an acceptable usage policy. This is more than have an overall information security policy. More:

Staff misuse of the internet risks damaging reputation of UK companies

ACTU Claims Most Australians Against New IR Laws

A new poll conducted for the the Australian Council of Trade Unions (ACTU) found considerable opposition to the Federal Government's new IR laws. The ACTU claims that there is a general belief that the Howard Government is acting in the interests of big business over the rights of Australian working families.

ACTU Claims Most Australians Against New IR Laws

Saturday, March 25, 2006

India - Background Screening

As a major outsourcing hub for the global economy, India has to increase the comfort level for the overseas investor and the customers seeking business opportunity here.

Background Screening in India

USA - Talent Management

The Human Capital Institute (HCI), a global professional association and educator in talent management strategies, and Bernard Hodes Group, a leading provider of integrated
talent solutions, announced today that Bernard Hodes Group will sponsor HCI's Innovative Talent Solutions learning and research track. The track is one of several topics addressed in HCI's Talent Leadership community of interest, a community HCI considers critical to organizations working to build competitive advantage.

Human Capital Institute and Bernard Hodes Group Announce Agreement

UK - Toyota Opens European Training Centre

Toyota has officially opened its European Global Production Centre (E-GPC) in the grounds of its UK production facility at Burnaston, Derbyshire this week. The E-GPC is a 'train the trainer' centre where future trainers from Toyota's European plants will be taught production and maintenance skills.

Toyota's 'Train the Trainer' Centre Opens

UK- PC World Scraps Commission

PC World, the UK's leading chain of computer superstores, has made a major change to its store team structure and reward system that puts customer service at the heart of its business plan. The change programme "One Team" is being deployed across PC World's 150 stores and 6,000 store employees and follows an extensive consultation programme.

PC World says "RIP, sales commission"

Friday, March 24, 2006

UK - British Airways Raises Retirement Age

British Airways is proposing to change its New Airways Pension Scheme (NAPS) in order to clear a £1 billion past service actuarial deficit.

British Airways Raises Retirement Age

Germany - Performance and Pay Study

The fact that on average women earn less than men is not necessarily the result of discrimination: when given a choice between a fixed salary and performance-related pay, women choose the former far more often than men, even if they could earn more by opting for the latter. This is the result of a study carried out by the Institute for the Study of Labour and the University of Bonn.

German women prefer fixed salaries, men performance-related pay

USA - Outsourcing Risks

Information security has become a top concern among companies evaluating current and potential outsourcing relationships, according to a new study by management consulting firm Booz Allen Hamilton. Further, companies perceive a significantly higher security risk in working with offshore providers over those in the U.S., due to a lack of trust in legal and regulatory environments in developing countries.

Information Security Risk a Top Concern among Outsourcing Executives, New Survey Finds

Canada (Ontario) - Budget HR Implications

Selected comments about the implications of yesterday's budget on employment issues in Ontario:

Ontario Budget HR Implications

Canada (Ontario) - Health HR Strategy

The Ontario Medical Association (OMA) welcomed the provincial government's budget commitment to introduce a health human resource strategy. The OMA committed to participating in the development of that strategy and called for the retention of physicians in Ontario to be a priority.

Ontario Doctors Welcome Plan to Introduce Health Human Resource Strategy

Thursday, March 23, 2006

USA - Global Networking Event

The Human Capital Institute (HCI), a global professional association and educator in talent management strategies, and Franklin University, a Columbus-based educator known for its focus on providing educational opportunities and choices for working adults, announced today that Allan Schweyer, Executive Director of the Human Capital Institute, will speak at the third program in a series of Human Capital Innovation events for the central Ohio business community.

The Human Capital Institute and Franklin University Offer "Global Talent" Networking Event

UK - Tax Exemption on Home Computers Abolished

Yesterday’s budget saw a shock announcement from the Chancellor, Gordon Brown regarding the tax exemption on home computers and mobile phones.

Shock Removal of Tax Exemption on Home Computers

UK - Budget HR Implications

A selection of views on the HR implications of Gordon Brown's Budget speech:

Budget Comments

South Africa/USA - Systems

IEX Corporation announced the substantial performance improvements Eskom Holdings Ltd has realized through its implementation of the IEX(R) TotalView(R) Workforce Management system.

Effective Skill Scheduling and Multisite Management Among Top Benefits

Wednesday, March 22, 2006

Career Change

If you are one of the lucky few that loves your job and it is very secure, then you will never have to consider a change in your career. But, if you are like most other people, you will face changes in your career several times during your lifetime. Linda Matias discusses:

8 Reasons to Consider a Career Change

Canada - Minority Women Doubly Harassed

Minority women are facing a 'double jeopardy' of harassment in the workplace, according to new research from the University of Toronto.

Minority Women Subjected to Double Harassment

USA - New Pfeffer & Sutton Book

"If doctors practiced medicine the way many companies practice management, there would be far more sick and dead patients, and many more doctors would be in jail."

With this statement, Stanford Graduate School of Business faculty members Jeffrey Pfeffer and Robert I. Sutton sound the clarion call for a new movement in corporate management, one based on facts.

New Book by Stanford Business School Faculty Members Calls for Corporate Management Based on Facts

USA - Professional Employer Organization Services

Emplicity, a leading Professional Employer Organization (PEO) operating nationwide with clients in a wide range of industries, unveiled a new no-cost program this week that it claims is designed to help companies lower employee management costs while identifying the many benefits packages available to them in meeting their employees' growing needs.

Emplicity Unveils 'CHOICE' to Help Cut Employers' Costs, Increase Employee Benefits Options

Australia - ACTU Attack IR Law Regulations

Australian unions have attacked the details of regulations relating to the Government's new industrial relations laws recently released by Workplace Minister Kevin Andrews, describing them as 'harsh new Federal Government fines and penalties for workers
and unions and a crackdown on union activity in the workplace'.

ACTU Attack IR Law Regulations

USA - Online Education Trends

The USC Viterbi School of Engineering, one of the top engineering schools in the U.S., forecasts dramatic growth in students and offerings at online colleges this year. Established in 1972, USC Viterbi School of Engineering's Distance Education Network (DEN) is a pioneer and one of the oldest distance learning programs in the country.

Ten Trends for 2006 in Online Education from Online Graduate School Pioneer

USA - HR Service Award

The rating came from the HR Service Excellence survey, which was sent to Robbins-Gioia employees in October 2005. Employees were asked to rate the HR department in approximately 40 different areas, such as approachability and professionalism; knowledge and communication of policies and benefits; effectiveness in the recruiting, hiring, and orientation of new employees; and effectiveness in employee development and training. The survey was conducted by roughly 658 participating organizations.

Robbins-Gioia Wins First Place in 2005 HR Service Excellence Award

USA - Background Checks Increasing

ADP Employer Services, a leading provider of integrated outsourced payroll, benefits and human resource services, has released its ninth annual Screening Index, a yearly evaluation of hiring trends and issues. In 2005, ADP Screening and Selection Services conducted 4,861,435 background checks, a 12 percent increase over the previous year. Forty-nine percent of the education, employment and credential verifications revealed a data inconsistency compared to what the applicant reported.

ADP Pre-Employment Screening Index Reveals 12 Percent Increase in the Number of Background Checks Performed by Employers

Tuesday, March 21, 2006

UK - Financial Skills

The lack of financial understanding amongst UK business managers should send alarm bells to CEOs. In a new You Gov survey of 650 UK managers, commissioned by Intellexis, leading providers of financial e-learning solutions, half of respondents with financial responsibility admitted they are unsure about the accuracy of their financial decision making. Only 46% of female managers, compared to 50% male are confident they are making the best financial decisions for their businesses.

Figures Just Don't Add Up for UK Business Managers

Canada - Management v. Leadership

Leadership is the star of business books, programs and buzz. Management, on the other hand, has become a dirty word. Everywhere experts promote leadership. Pundits tell us we are all leaders and we must develop visionary leadership skills.

It's all very inspiring - and according to Helen Wilkie, keynote speaker, consultant and creator of "The Manager's Journey", it's also misleading.

"Of course great leadership is desirable," says Wilkie, "but all this hype has created a bias against essential management skills. It seems nobody wants to be seen as a manager, because everyone is fixated on the perceived higher goal of leadership."

More at: Forget leadership - it's about managing!

Sunday, March 19, 2006

UK/USA - WorkPlace Systems

WorkPlace Systems plc (WSI.L) has received a 'Positive' rating by leading analyst firm Gartner, Inc., in its recent MarketScope report for Retail Time and Labor Applications.

WorkPlace Systems Gets 'Positive' Rating from Leading Analysts

USA - Leadership Development Learning

The Human Capital Institute (HCI), a global professional association and educator in talent management strategies, and Lominger Limited Inc., a leading development resource
firm, announced today that Lominger will sponsor HCI's Next Generation Leadership Development learning and research track. The track is one of several topics addressed in HCI's Talent Leadership community of interest, a community HCI considers critical to organizations working to build competitive advantage.

Lominger Will Underwrite Human Capital Institute's Leadership Development Learning Initiatives

Friday, March 17, 2006

Australia - Employment Situation

Unemployment falls to 5.2%

Seasonally adjusted, the number of people in employment also rises by 25,900 to 10,058,000 in February.

Thursday, March 16, 2006

USA/UK - Catalyst 2006 Awards

At its annual gala dinner, Catalyst presented the 2006 Catalyst Award to BP p.l.c., The Chubb Corporation, and Safeway Inc. for their initiatives to advance women in the workplace. Every year since 1987, Catalyst has honored outstanding and replicable business initiatives that result in the recruitment, development, and advancement of women in the workplace.

Catalyst Honors BP p.l.c., The Chubb Corporation, and Safeway Inc. with 2006 Catalyst Award for Outstanding Initiatives to Advance Women in Business

Wednesday, March 15, 2006

USA - Skills Shortages

Half the HR professionals questioned in a recent survey said that new workers lacked some competencies and almost a third of organizations are filling skills gaps from overseas.

Shortage of skilled workers is a growing problem

UK - Labour Market Statistics

Employment Statistics

The unemployment rate is 5.0% - up on the previous quarter and the last year.

USA - HRsmart Record Results

HRsmart, Inc., a leading global provider of web-based talent management solutions and one of the fastest growing and most profitable firms in the industry, announced today a 60-percent increase in revenue and 1012-percent increase in net income for fiscal year 2005.

HRsmart, Inc. Marks Record Year-End 2005 Financial Results

Australia - Employers surveyed on VET

Most Australian employers are happy with the national vocational education and training (VET) system, according to a new survey.

Employers surveyed on VET

Tuesday, March 14, 2006

USA - ePerformance Guides

While web-based performance management systems are increasingly common in the corporate world, many companies still suffer from the lack of a cohesive performance review system. Edolution Software has addressed this problem with two new versions of its performance management application: ePerformance Guide Small Business and ePerformance Guide For Managers.

ePerformance Guide Small Business and ePerformance Guide For Managers

Online Personnel Sourcing

The Internet has brought about such changes as online employment listings, resulting in an onslaught of resumes that staffing/recruitment firms and companies continue to qualify, match and rank candidates with same tools from before the Internet. Since
job candidates expect an Internet speed response, recruiting/staffing firms and departments may be missing the best candidates. Standardization of the way they create job descriptions and accept resumes may solve many of their problems, according to Bruce Culver, a 20-year veteran of the staffing and recruitment software industry.

Overcoming the Downside of Online Personnel Sourcing

New Chair for EMCC UK

IOD Director of the Year 2005 award winner Zulfi Hussain has been elected to the chair of the European Mentoring and Coaching Council's new UK organisation.

New Chair for EMCC UK

Friday, March 10, 2006

USA - Unemployment situation

Unemployment rate edges up to 4.8%.

Bureau of Labor Statistics reports that payroll employment increased by 243,000 in February, and the unemployment rate went up marginally to 4.8%.

Canada - Unemployment falls

Unemployment down 0.2% to 6.4%

Statistics Canada reports that the unemployment rate fell by 0.2% to 6.4% in February, matching November 2005's 30-year low.

UK - Engineering Stereotypes

Classic stereotypes of engineers as men who are brilliant at and passionate about technology, but not very good at dealing with people, do not reflect real engineers and their work, according to Dr Wendy Faulkner from the University of Edinburgh. Moreover, such stereotypes are hampering efforts to recruit women into the engineering profession.

Sterotype of engineers puts women off the job

Thursday, March 09, 2006

UK - Age Discrimination Regulations

Trade and Industry Secretary Alan Johnson has published the final measures to outlaw age discrimination in the workplace in Great Britain. The regulations are the final major stage of implementing the European Employment Directive adopted in November 2000.

Age Discrimination Regulations

Global Learning

Learners around the Globe Access Training in Own Language and Culture, Right from their Desktop

Multinational Organizations Train Customers and Employees from China to South Africa, Germany to Australia

USA - The Green Score

Saba, Intekras Team to Help Government Agencies 'Get to Green'on President's Management Agenda

The Scorecard is part of the President's Management Agenda, a governmentwide initiative aimed at improving the efficiency of the federal government in five specific areas, including Strategic Management of Human Capital. The President's Management Agenda requires all departments and agencies to adopt new disciplines and has defined clear, governmentwide goals and a simple grading system of red, yellow, and green to track and measure how well the departments and major agencies are achieving those goals. To achieve a "Green" score for Strategic Management of Human Capital, agencies must demonstrate that they have implemented next-generation HCM systems that include performance appraisals linked to goals, succession planning, competency assessment, skill gap analysis and measurement of results at all levels.

Canada (Ontario) - Workplace Violence

One of the largest unions in Ontario has asked for workplace violence to be covered by the province's health and safety legislation.

Ontario Government Should Pay Attention to Workplace Violence

Canada - The Gender Gap Continues

The average earnings of female employees are still significantly lower than their male counterparts and women continue to make up a disproportionate share of Canadians with low incomes.

The Gender Gap Continues

Tuesday, March 07, 2006

USA/Europe - European Relocation

Businesses participating in a survey by Prudential Relocation, indicated that the most common reason they re-assign employees across national borders is to help ensure the success of the company's expansion into new markets.

Prudential Relocation European Survey Finds Business Expansion and Muti-Nationalism Spur International Job Assignments

USA - Jac Fitz-enz to Receive Award

The man who introduced metrics to the human resources profession in the 1980s, Dr. Jac Fitz-enz, has been named by IHRIM to receive its 2006 Chairman’s Award. The IHRIM Chairman’s Award is presented to individuals who have distinguished themselves by making outstanding contributions to the general field of human resource information management. The award will be presented at the opening session of IHRIM’s HRMStrategies Conference, Monday, April 10 in Washington, D.C.

IIHRIM Names Dr. Jac Fitz-enz to Receive 2006 Chairman’s Award at Washington, D.C. Conference

USA - Performance Reviews

It happens at least once a year. Some employees may dread it, others may welcome it, but whatever the case, performance reviews are a must. Only 49% of American workers find managers take performance reviews seriously, according to a new survey by Adecco Staffing North America, a unit of Adecco SA, the world's largest workforce solutions provider. Furthermore, less than half of American workers (44%) say they receive constructive feedback and 47% of workers say they would feel better if the review process was a two-way street.

Only 49% of American Workers Find Managers Take Performance Reviews Seriously

USA - Federal Teleworkers

Report reveals new momentum in Federal telework, with 41 percent of responding Federal employees indicating that they currently telework - up from 19 percent at the same time last year. Validating the jump in participation, 43 percent of surveyed Federal teleworkers indicate that they have started teleworking in the last year.

Federal Telework Picking Up Speed

Friday, March 03, 2006

Australia - Commonwealth Games Labour Standards

Unions have expressed concern about souvenirs produced for the Melbourne Commonwealth Games. They claim that souvenirs may have been manufactured in breach of the international labour standards previously agreed upon by the Games authority and unions.

Commonwealth Games Souvenirs Possibly Breach Labour Standards

Workstream Announces Workstream Development 6.0

Workstream Inc.(TM) (NASDAQ: WSTM), a provider of On-Demand Enterprise Workforce Management software, today announced the release of Workstream Development 6.0, a new addition to the Workstream TalentCenter suite, which can also be purchased as a stand alone product. The Workstream Development 6.0 product line significantly enhances the employee development capabilities the Company offers with particular emphasis on providing Human Resource organizations with tools to retain high potential employees and develop the quality of their overall workforces.

Workstream Announces Workstream Development 6.0

Poland - Hewitt Opens New Outsourcing Center

Hewitt Associates, a global human resources services company, announced today the opening of a new HR outsourcing center in Krakow, Poland. The new center, to be opened by Jim Konieczny, global HR outsourcing operations leader for Hewitt, extends the firm's global HR business process outsourcing (BPO) capabilities and furthers its ability to serve its growing number of global HR BPO clients.

Hewitt Associates Opens HR Outsourcing Center in Poland

UK - Flexibility

A survey of nearly 800 Institute of Directors (IoD) members highlights a changing work environment as the UK continues to adopt flexible and home working. The survey, commissioned by Avaya Inc (NYSE:AV), a leading global provider of business communication applications, systems and services, benchmarks the home working habits and practises of the UK’s business leaders and provides evidence of their lingering concerns over the productivity of workers when not physically present in the office. Based on these results, Avaya has proposed ten tips to help businesses address this issue and maximise productivity. At the forefront, Avaya recommends integrating effective communication practises into every aspect of the workplace, whether at home or in the office.

Leading Directors Set Standards for Flexible Working in the UK

Thursday, March 02, 2006

New Version of HR-XML Standards Library

The HR-XML Consortium has given employers, business process outsourcers, and HR solution providers a reason to celebrate with the latest release of the HR-XML standards library. The release tackles new and diverse integration topics ranging from the provisioning and maintenance of outsourced HR systems, to the exchange of new hire data between applicant tracking systems and core HR systems. Among the new standards is an Assessment Catalog Specification that enables the exchange of test catalogs between assessment service providers and talent management systems.

HR-XML Tackles Key Integration Challenges in New Version of Its Standards Library

Salary Rarely Reason for Leaving

Only five percent of global executives surveyed cite inadequate or inconsistent compensation as the primary reason for leaving their last job, according to the latest Executive Quiz from Korn/Ferry International. Rather, lack of challenges or career growth (33 percent) topped the list of responses, which also included ineffective leadership (20 percent) and attractive job market alternatives (17 percent).

Salary is Rarely the Reason for Leaving a Job, Executives Say

Germany - Human Capital software

As a result of constant and rigorous quality certification testing, ExecuTRACK Software has once again proven its high standard of excellence in producing Human Capital management solutions. The renewed certifications for SAP NetWeaver, HR-XML Consortium, and Microsoft SQL Server 2000 reinforce the stability and quality offered by its flagship Web-based product, ETWeb(TM) Enterprise. In addition, ExecuTRACK has once again achieved the status of Microsoft Gold Certified Partner, the highest status achievable by Microsoft partner organizations.

SAP, Microsoft und HR-XML Renew Certification Of ETWeb Enterprise, ExecuTRACK's Human Capital Software Solution

Canada - Human Capital Management

Salesboom(TM) is announcing the expansion of its market-leading on demand Customer Relationship Management (CRM) service to include Human Capital Management (HCM) solutions. To be introduced with Salesboom Version 8 at the end of first quarter 2006, this latest addition will expand on current Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) functionality integrated across Marketing, Sales, Service/Support and HR.

Salesboom(TM) to Add On Demand Human Resources Management to Hosted CRM Service

UK - Recruiters Struggling to Adapt as Hiring Targets Surge

Management consulting and IT consultancy recruiters revealed this week that they are struggling to meet a surge in demand for new hires. 90% of all recruiters in the sector believe the candidate market will be even tighter in 2006 than it was in 2005, leaving them with a candidate shortfall at a time when client demand is resurgent. Read on:

Recruiters Struggling to Adapt as Hiring Targets Surge

Wednesday, March 01, 2006

Businesses Failing to Control Internet Use

Employees are ignoring their organizations' Internet Acceptable Usage Policies (AUPs) according to a survey by network security provider SmoothWall. More at:

Businesses Failing to Control Internet Use