Wednesday, May 30, 2012

USA - High-Potential Entrepreneurs

Stanford Graduate School of Business has reported that its graduates are much more likely to become entrepreneurs than ever before. 16% of the class of 2011 have already started their own businesses compared to a mere 5% in the early 1990s and 10-year trend data is suggesting that there is a generational shift toward entrepreneurship.

High-Potential Entrepreneurs

Monday, May 28, 2012

NL - Please don't blame the crisis

No, it's really not the fault of the crisis - you yourself are to blame. If turnover is lower, it is because business is not good. But why hasn't business dropped for every company - what is the difference between you and your competitor? And why do things that go easy go even easier for one entrepreneur than another? Does the difference lay in the fact that some work harder, possess more skills or may have more insight?

Please don't blame the crisis

UK - Age Regulations

This is a very difficult area of the law for employers. On the one hand employers do not want to be accused of age discrimination, but on the other hand they have to act in the best interests of the business, even when this means replacing older workers with a younger, fresher work force. However, before rushing into any decisions, employers must consider all the options available to them as any rash decisions could cause more harm than good.

The ticking time bomb of older workers

Monday, May 14, 2012

Should You Be Sharing That?

Improvements in systems technology mean that global HR systems are possible for any size organisation. This opens up many possibilities from a shared service perspective and for many global companies there are attractive cost savings to be made from the consolidation of their IT operations in this way. However, along with the possibilities that today’s global HR IT systems present there are also many challenges that need to be met.  Not least is the requirement that the data stored on each employee is accessible to those that need it to perform their roles, whilst remaining private to everyone else and compliant with relevant data privacy legislation.

Should You Be Sharing That?

UK - The Transformational Power of HR Software

HR software has for many years been revolutionising the processes and procedures of HR departments. But the growing power of intuitive technologies means the opportunities for forward-thinking HR professionals are ever-increasing.
Keen to develop a greater understanding of organisations’ evolving HR goals, client services director at Cascade HR Heather Vitty recently surveyed her varied customer base. Here she shares her findings...

The Transformational Power of HR Software

Thursday, May 03, 2012

Canada - Saskatchewan immigration program changes

The Saskatchewan Immigrant Nominee Program (SINP) has been changed to reflect current needs in the province's job market.

Saskatchewan immigration program changes