Thursday, April 29, 2010

USA - Commitment And Counterfactual Reflection

Developing greater workforce commitment can be as simple as asking employees to reflect on their organization's history.

Commitment And Counterfactual Reflecion

Asia - Rewards and Benefits

A recent survey of Asian reward professionals by Thomsons Online Benefits shows expectation of a return to the 'war for talent' amongst employers in the region.

New 'War For Talent' In Asia

Saturday, April 17, 2010

USA - Absenteeism

U.S. employees use a variety of strategies such as calling in sick or using vacation time to survive the 'Holiday Hiatus' between public holidays early in the year and Memorial Day on 31st May.

Playing Hooky: Absenteeism And The 'Holiday Hiatus'

USA - Women Discouraged From Science/I.T. Careers

A significant number of women and under-represented minority chemists and chemical engineers have been discouraged from pursuing a career in science, technology, engineering or mathematics (STEM).

Women Discouraged From Science/I.T. Careers

USA - Gender Inequality

Women researchers in the life sciences still receive lower levels of compensation than their male equivalents, including those at higher academic and professional levels.

Gender Inequality In Academic Researchers' Compensation

USA - Disabled Immigrants More Likely To Be Working

Immigrants with disabilities are more likely to be employed than a comparable group born in the USA.

Disabled Immigrants More Likely To Be Working

Thursday, April 08, 2010

Australia - Workers' Comp Harmonisation

"Workers' comp harmonisation as it has been discussed won't improve health or return to work outcomes," says Occupational Physician, Chair of Resworks and Editor of Return to Work Matters Dr Mary Wyatt.

Expert fears health will be the loser in the race towards workers' comp harmonisation - Return to Work Matters.

Thursday, April 01, 2010

USA - How Career Dreams Die

What is required to convince people that their career aspirations are unrealistic?
Researchers found that informing participants they did not have high enough qualifications or appropriate skills was insufficient. The negative consequences of failure also had to be made explicit.

How Career Dreams Die

Israel - Control Freaks Burn Out Faster

Research from Tel Aviv and Haifa Universities found that 'control freaks' - apparently high-performing multi-tasking individuals - tend to burn out faster than their peers. Using all their internal resources at once and concentrating intently on the immediate task they are less able to respond to unexpected challenges.

Control Freaks Burn Out Faster

UK - Race, Education and Job Prospects

Members of Britain's ethnic minority communities, whether born abroad or in the UK, tend to be better educated than their white British-born peers but are less likely to be employed.

Better Education But Worse Job Prospects For Minorities