Thursday, August 30, 2012

UK - Why choose video to communicate?

Whilst the idea of using video is by no means a new concept, corporations have only recently started to embrace it and taken note of internal and external stakeholder's need to engage with businesses through this channel.

Why choose video to communicate?

Wednesday, August 01, 2012

Canada - Workplace romance

Canada seems to be the place to study workplace romance. According to a survey of 32 countries by Randstad Canada seems to be very tolerant of office romances. does an annual survey and this year's findings (published in February) were typical with 30% saying they had dated a co-worker and almost as many (28%) saying they had married a fellow employee.

Randstad's Global Workmonitor survey, published in July, found that 59% of Canadian respondents confirmed that romantic relationship between colleagues happened in their organizations and two thirds (66%) didn't see a problem.

Your office or mine: love in the workplace

UK/UAE - How we isolate talent

Organizations seek the best talent. We target individuals that stand out and assume they bring with them the talent shown in previous posts. If they fail to perform at the level we anticipate, HR managers and the board are left wondering what went wrong.

How we isolate talent