Monday, August 19, 2013

UK - Preventing illegal working

Employers' duty to prevent illegal working is underpinned by a civil penalty regime which is now being reviewed with a raft of Government proposals aimed at strengthening and simplifying the system. The proposals are part of the forthcoming Immigration Bill designed to make it more difficult for illegal migrants to live and work in the UK.

Government proposals to overhaul the civil penalty regime for employers & top ten tips for right to work checks

Wednesday, August 14, 2013

UK - Government declares that "Firms have a duty to hire Britons" but what are the implications for employers?

Employers have a social responsibility to take on and train local young people, rather than taking the "easy option" of employing skilled workers from overseas, a Tory minister has said. In recent media interviews, skills minister Matthew Hancock said businesses that give local youngsters on-the-job training end up with more loyal and motivated workers. Employing more local workers would also aid economic recovery, he argued, calling on businesses to consider their social duty as well as commercial interests. His controversial comments are reminiscent of Gordon Brown's 2007 call for "British jobs for British workers" - and sparked similarly fierce debate. Surely such an approach amounts to discrimination, and downplays the merits of a flexible labour market? Or is it time for UK businesses that rely on migrant workers to rethink their recruitment culture?

Government declares that "Firms have a duty to hire Britons" but what are the implications for employers?

UK - What employers need to know about stress at work

Stress at work is a costly affair and hits businesses financially, but also has a negative influence on staff relationships, poor performance, staff turnover and leads to more management time being spent on resolving the issues arising from stress.

What employers need to know about stress at work

Monday, August 12, 2013

UK - Summer time blues for employers

Summer holidays should be a time for workers to relax, but advances in technology means that many people top up their stress levels, rather than their tans when they go on annual leave.

Alarmingly, research conducted by the Institute of Leadership and Management (ILM), revealed that over half of managers (54%) feel compelled to work while on holiday, with many finding it hard to switch off their smartphones, which leads to a fifth of workers returning from annual leave more stressed than before they left.

Summer time blues for employers

Thursday, August 08, 2013

Canada - Is it HR’s job to manage OH&S?

The simple fact is that, in many organizations, Occupational Health and Safety (OH&S) has become a Human Resources (HR) responsibility. In an era where corporate social responsibility has grown to come to include health and safety, how can HR fulfill its role in building an effective OH&S system?

Is it HR’s job to manage OH&S?
A strategic internship programme can give you the satisfaction of training future employees for a successful, enjoyable career.

Laying the foundations for a sustainable future: How to start a successful internship programme